Homemade Method

We specialize in helping women over 50 years of age lose weight and reverse high blood sugars, pressure & cholesterol - without dieting.

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National Kidney Foundation

Diets are boring… And don’t work!

When you first start your health journey, as a woman in your 50s, 60s and 70s…

Trying to lose weight and lower your high blood sugars, pressure or cholesterol…

It’s completely normal for self doubt to get in your way.

When you look at where you are now, compared to where you want to be… 

The gap can seem insurmountable. 😓

First there’s the numbers on the scale… and the clothes that keep getting tighter…😳

Then there’s the dreaded Doctor’s appointment… and the threat of increasing doses of medications…💊

Worst of all, there’s your decreasing energy levels and increasing levels of pain… which makes it harder to do your usual exercises and activities…

And somewhere amongst it all… is your deepest fear that maybe YOU are the problem…

After all, you’ve tried so many diets and exercise gadgets before…

You’ve invested so much time, money and hope…

You’ve even succeeded in losing weight before…but the problem is…

You always seem to gain the weight back (and then some!) 😓

You’re so tired of trying so hard only to fail, again.

You know you need to make changes to get your weight and health under control but…losing weight can seem like a losing battle. 

And it CAN BE… IF you never find the right approach.

I understand how hard it is… Because I’ve been there

Hi, I’m Anna, the Founder of The Homemade Method.

I know how hard it is to lose weight and change your relationship with food.

I was 30lbs+ heavier than I am now… and I had spent decades dieting, counting calories, keeping food diaries, exercising daily and… getting nowhere!

When I was studying for my Master’s Degree at Stanford University, I developed my The Homemade Method, focused on whole foods, cooking from home, and listening to my body.

Fast forward almost a decade and I, along with our team of Nutritionists, Dieticians and Holistic Chefs, have perfected that method… 

And created something so effective, that we’ve been invited to run workshops for Stanford Hospitals, The National Kidney Foundation, Da Vita Medical, Google and 7 medical clinics have referred patients to us.

Since going public with The Homemade Method program, over 10,000 women in their 50s, 60s, and 70s have used it to lose weight, reverse high blood numbers, and take back control of their health. 🙌

As for me, I’ve easily maintained my ideal weight for over a decade (over 40 now, with 2 kids!) without dieting. 🥰

Trusted by over +10,000 women in their 50s, 60s & 70s

Get life-changing results - without dieting.

What has become of my outrageous coma-level 350+ morning spikes? My blood sugar reading was 104 this morning! Day after day I am getting my life and myself back with Homemade Method. I could see it the first week...now other people are starting to see it.


This program has changed mine and my husband’s lives forever. Blessed to have found this program and will be forever grateful that I did it.

Patricia B.

I comfortably wore a skirt last week that was waaaay to tight on me 3 months ago. I feel different eating the Homemade Method way. I feel like I am more Awake? More Alert? More Energy!.

Margie F.

My total cholesterol went from 190 to 174. Triglycerides went from 80 to 65. My HDL stayed the same at 53. My LDL went from 121 to 108.

Deb M.
Homemade Method

Our method uses 3 simple steps to get results:



Learn our Cook, Eat, Listen framework to apply it in real-life.


Come to our live members-only events and ask our expert coaches as you progress through your journey.


Get support & inspiration from women over 50 doing this together in our private community

Start your healthy transformation today

Transformed You

Change Your Relationship With Food for Good

How many years will you lose of life, your energy and your ability to do your favorite activities (and seeing your grandkids grow up).

End the cycles of yo-yo dieting, feeling out of control, feeling bad and unconfident.

Achieve food freedom. Take back control of your health, weight & get back your energetic body.