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Cooking for Fussy Eaters or a ‘Meat n Potatoes’ Husband!

When it comes to eating healthy, most of the Ladies I work with are pretty well informed.

Beets, brussels sprouts, kale and fish, yada yada yada…

But what they tell me is that:

There’s a BIG difference between knowing WHAT to do and actually DOING it!” 🤣🤣

Can you relate?!

So today, I’m sharing one of your most requested videos all about:

“Cook for fussy eaters or a meat & potatoes husband!”

I was joined by our Member, Darlene, who shared her secrets to losing 36lbs and bringing her blood sugars down from 289 to the low 100s with our Life-Changing Cooking Program, even though she’s a self-confessed ‘fussy eater’!

In today’s video you will learn:

→ What MINDSET tricks can help you get over fussy eating – so you can enjoy healthy ingredients and stop craving sugar and junk food. 

→ How to make healthy foods that actually taste good – it’s not wishful thinking, it’s NEUROSCIENCE!

→ Different ways to prepare THE most unpopular healthy ingredients that might work for you!

→ PLUS 3 proven strategies to get your hubby eating more veggies – even if he’s a ‘meat & potatoes’ guy!

I also answered TONS of great questions in this Mastermind, including why coconut sugar is better, whether you can eat too much protein and what types of carbs are OK for diabetics…

So go ahead and enjoy the video!



Founder, Homemade Method
Stanford / UC Berkeley

p.s. I LOVE helping Ladies like you make simple tweaks to what you’re already cooking & eating so it tastes good – only better for you. 😉

Making it easy, fast & tasty is really the KEY to how we’ve helped thousands of Ladies in their 50s, 60s & 70s lose weight and reverse high blood numbers – without dieting.

Learn my 3 most popular secrets in my upcoming Free Workshops.

Places are limited to it’s essential to RSVP using the link above. I’ll hope to see you there! ❤️

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