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Ok, let’s start with a good breakfast…

Did you know that 80% of women who lose weight and keep it off eat breakfast daily?

Plus research shows that skipping breakfast for just 2 weeks can increase your blood sugar levels and LDL cholesterol levels?!

And that you’re 300% more likely to be obese if you don’t eat breakfast! 😱

Breakfast is an easy way to start winning with your healthy eating goals daily. ✅

So watch my video to learn how to make a Perfect Breakfast in under 5 mins.

To be honest, these stats don’t surprise me, because I hear this story time and time again from the Ladies I work with in their 50s, 60s & 70s.

They’re not eating a good breakfast… and then they’re surprised when the scale won’t budge and they struggle with late-night snacking when their sweet tooth comes out.

Girl, let me tell you something:

If you don’t nourish your body properly throughout the day, then you’re more or less doomed by the time the sun goes down with your healthy eating goals.

Want to know why?

Because willpower is a limited resource, and by the end of the day it’s at its lowest.

(That’s a physiological fact.)

AND if you’re starving by the end of the day then your body’s instinct for survival is going to kick in and tell you to EAT.

(That’s also a physiological fact.)

And once you start eating, it’s going to be difficult to stop…

And you ain’t going to be reaching for carrot sticks & hummus either… 🥕🐰

The amount of calories you can eat at night while getting into the chips, cookies, ice cream, or pizza – or even snacking on things like nuts – can blow your weight loss goals out of the water.

And that’s why the scale won’t budge, EVEN when you feel like you’re trying so hard to ‘be good’ and eating LESS than ever.

Tell me, can you relate?

The GOOD NEWS is there’s an easy fix:

✅ Add a simple, nourishing well-rounded breakfast into your daily eating routine.

✅ And just watch how your cravings and snacking at night diminish and disappear over time!

So check out my video today to learn how to make a Perfect Breakfast, in under 5 mins. You can even bulk cook it once and then enjoy it for days! 🙂

Or join my next round of the Life-Changing Cooking & Coaching Program, and I’ll show you how to completely transform your eating, your weight, and your relationship with food – so you don’t have to diet ever again. (say bye-bye diets! 👋)

3 Tips to Win at Breakfast

There are 3 things that might prevent you from getting a good breakfast if you’re anything like many of the women in their 50s, 60s, or 70s that I work with.

Read on to see if any of these apply to you – and some of my quick tips to overcome them!

WARNING: The tips shared in this email may cause improved digestion, reduced blood sugars, blood pressure, cholesterol, weight loss – and a happier, more energetic mood! 😁👍🏻

1) Not hungry in the morning

If you’re not hungry in the mornings, it can be tough to eat a good breakfast.

But here’s the good news: Chances are it’s because you’re eating too much, snacking or grazing at night – which is also one of the biggest culprits for weight gain and elevated blood sugars (chips & ice cream anyone? 🙄)

TRY THIS INSTEAD: If you start eating a good breakfast and nourishing your body throughout the day, you’ll actually find the urge to overeat at night reduces dramatically. Try it and see! That’s why our philosophy at Homemade is all about eating for Nourishment & Satisfaction.

2) Skipping breakfast

Years of the dieting mentality – plus the new fasting diets – can make you feel like you’re ‘winning’ if you skip breakfast.

Plus a hectic schedule can make it hard to squeeze in a healthy breakfast in the mornings…(I can totally relate! 🙋🏻♀️)

But this only sets you up for massive cravings for sugar & refined carbs later in the day which leads to snacking or binge eating.

TRY THIS INSTEAD: Try bulk prepping the Perfect Breakfast in this video and you can enjoy healthy breakfasts for days with minutes of prep! And save your fasting for night time while you sleep! The word “breakfast” literally means “break-fast”.

3) Having the SAD breakfast

Not all breakfasts were created equal.

If your typical breakfast includes something out of a packet (including sugary breakfast cereals), white bread or bagels, bacon – or just a cup of coffee with sweetened creamer – then you’re not doing your body any favors.

These SAD breakfasts (“Standard American Diet” breakfasts) contribute to weight gain, obesity, diabetes, high blood cholesterol, inflammation, and digestive issues in the long run.

TRY THIS INSTEAD: To get the best health benefits from your breakfast make it yourself so you know what goes into it.

And include plenty of fibre (found in whole grains), healthy fats (found in nuts & seeds), protein, plus fruits & veggies which are high in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Ok, well I hope you enjoyed these tips and today’s video!

Believing in you!❤️


Founder, Homemade Method
Stanford / UC Berkeley

p.s. Learn to cook easy, healthy & satisfying meals and get support from our Expert Coaches to HIT your health & weight loss goals with our Life-Changing Cooking & Coaching Program, now open for enrollment.

Success stories here. Let’s do this! 👊

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