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3 Steps to Tasty & Healthy Homemade Dinners (no matter how busy you are)

Do you often find yourself ‘stuck’ at dinner time with no healthy choices?

Maybe you work late & come home hungry (and tired) after work — so you need something quick & easy?

Maybe you’re retired or living alone, and just don’t really know how to cook healthy, tasty meals… or you get bored with your limited ‘repertoire’ or don’t really enjoy cooking for one?

Or maybe you’re a Mom and you struggle to put healthy meals on the table that EVERYONE in the family will like (…or at least eat…), which makes it so hard to stick to your own healthy eating goals?

If you’re anything like most people, you probably aren’t too happy with the number of times this story ends with you eating fast food or other convenience options — that you KNOW aren’t the best choice for you (or your family’s) health…

My Homemade Cooking Member Courtlyn recently told me she used to cook virtually zero of her meals — maybe once per month.

Thanks to the simple tips & tricks I showed her, she now cooks about 44 meals per month!

And she lost 40 pounds in the process.

Courtlyn — After she lost 40lbs with Homemade Cooking

Anyone CAN cook healthy, tasty, homemade dinners anytime. Yet most people haven’t been taught the simple tricks & techniques to make it easy, fast & fun.

I’ve already helped over 1,000 Homemade Members to cook over 60,000 meals. And in the process, they’ve lost tens of thousands of pounds and reversed high blood sugars, pressure, and cholesterol — without dieting.

And guess what? If you’re reading this right now, I can teach you too!

3 Simple Steps to Tasty & Healthy Homemade Dinners

It is possible to enjoy tasty & healthy homemade dinners any night of the week — no matter how busy you are if you just follow 3 steps or principles:

1) Bulk-cooking or batch-cooking your food,
2) Cook using ingredients you already have at home, and
3) Re-inventing leftovers.

Let’s look at each step or principle in turn.

Step 1: Bulk Cook or Batch-Cook your Foods

A critical ingredient to enjoying tasty & healthy homemade meals no matter how busy you are is to BE PREPARED.

And the BEST WAY to do this is to bulk-cook or batch-cook your meals — so you can cook once and then enjoy healthy & convenient dinners for days.

People think of batch-cooking as some kind of big operation — but if you have the right recipes, you can actually prep the food in MINUTES and then make enough for several serves throughout the week.

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Step 2: Cook Using Ingredients You Already Have

This is a big one. I am always surprised when my new Homemade Cooking Members explain to me the process they currently use to cook a healthy meal at home:

• Select a recipe, go to the grocery store with a list, buy the ingredients on the list, get home, unpack, and cook the dish following the recipe
(total time: 2 hrs +)

(I can only shake my head in commiseration: NO WONDER they are not cooking at home more: this is a huge amount of time & effort for just one meal — especially mid-week!)

I then teach my Members that the key to easy, healthy, AND SUSTAINABLE homemade dinners is to cook using ingredients you already have at home. This way you can SAVE SO MUCH TIME & EFFORT by not having to run to the store every time you cook AND you can cook EXACTLY what you and your family actually like.

The simple way to do this is to start to become aware of some basic ingredient substitutions you can use in your favorite recipes, what goes with what (and over time, learn to cook without recipes…)

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Step 3: Re-Invent Left-Overs

The third and essential trick to eating healthy, homemade dinners no matter how busy you are is to re-invent your leftovers.

This simply means taking the meals you batch-cooked or bulk-cooked earlier in the week and then turning them into new & varied dishes — like magic! — so you can have dinner ready in minutes, and never get bored.

The great thing is, that all it takes is a little bit of imagination…

Your roast chicken can become chicken wraps.

Your roasted vegetables can be blended into a soup.

Or both could be added to make a hearty, satisfying salad.

My one advice on how to re-invent meals is keep it simple: Consider the ingredient(s) you already have cooked, think about something you like eating that involves those ingredient(s), and then try to make it (you can always recruit google for a little bit of help…).

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With love from my kitchen to yours,

Anna Rakoczy

Co-Founder, Homemade Cooking

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At Homemade Cooking, we’ve helped over +100,000 members learn to cook meals to reduce blood sugars, blood pressure, and blood cholesterol, and achieve ideal weight — without dieting, deprivation or guilt.

We’ve partnered with Stanford Hospitals, Stanford University, and had 7 medical clinics refer patients to us. We’ve also worked with companies like Google, Hewlett Packard & Da Vita as well as the National Kidney Foundation.

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