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How to Eat Breakfast like a King

By now most of us know we should eat a hearty, healthy breakfast every day.  One study found a tremendous 450% increased likelihood of obesity amongst individuals who skipped breakfast.  Another study found that 80% of people who lose weight and keep it off for at least a year eat breakfast daily.  Another weight loss control study found that those who ate the majority of calories early in the day (before 3pm) lost an average of 18lbs, versus 7lbs in the group eating most calories later in the day.

Having a great breakfast fires up your metabolism so you burn calories more efficiently throughout the day.  It prevents your blood sugar from plummeting mid-morning,  which can lead to cravings for sugary and other refined carb hits. So how do you eat Breakfast Like a King- when sometimes you feel like a pauper and have to work like a dog…?  In this article, we tell you our tried and tested Homemade strategies for making a healthy breakfast part of your daily routine.  And we share some of our members’ favorite Homemade Breakfast Recipes.  Enjoy!

Breakfast hacks for busy people

The fact is, a healthy breakfast needs to be easy, affordable and fast to prepare, or it isn’t going to be sustainable.

At Homemade, we have 3 main tips for busy people who want to eat healthy Homemade breakfasts during the busy working week:

1) Do your prep on the weekend: All you need is 1 hour of prep on the weekend to whip up all of your breakfasts for the week.  It is super easy and sets you up to eat well all week.  If you use our recipes below, you will discover breakfast foods that are delicious, healthy, and have no problem staying fresh all week. Better yet, explore freezable options.

2) Make it in bulk: Find breakfast dishes that you can cook in bulk, so virtually the same amount of effort and time can create 6 or 10 serves instead of 1.   Some of our favorites include smoothie bags, oatmeal, Homemade granola, and chia seed pudding.

3) Make it portable: There are so many awesome ways you can make your breakfasts to be ‘grab n go’ ready.  Examples include Mason jar breakfasts, Homemade healthy breakfast burritos and wraps, Homemade frittata, and Homemade breakfast bars.

Finally, make it fun & social.  At Homemade we believe healthy cooking and living should be fun and social- so do it with your significant other, your kids, or invite your friends over for a cook up.  You are so much more likely to stick with it when you make it a weekly event you look forward to.

batch 2    batch

Image 1: Batch Cooking, Homemade Style                             Image 2: The results! Healthy Breakfasts for the Week!

Easy, fast & delicious breakfast recipes

Here are some of our members’ favorite Homemade breakfast recipes.  The beauty of these recipes, is that you can combine any 3-4 items and cook up different, healthy breakfasts for the week in around an hour.  All it takes is a little multi-tasking.  Let us know how you go!

Portobello Mushroom Frittata (make in a pan on the stove and finish in the oven – slice into 4-5 slices for several days of breakfast)

Apricot Grab n Go Bar (cooks in the oven, slice into individual servings and pack in zip-loc bags to grab n go. Store bags in freezer).

Three-Berry Morning Smoothie (this is full of healthy anti-oxidants but filling enough to be enjoyed for breakfast, prepare and store as above).

We look forward to hearing your comments on how you go with Eating Breakfast Like a King!

From our kitchen to yours,

Anna Rakoczy & The Homemade Team

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