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Winter Cooking – Fast & Delicious!

It’s winter; our bodies naturally want to slow down, reserve our energy and heal. But our lives often can’t allow extra time or afford the luxury. Your body wants and needs the basic nourishing building blocks – the protein, the whole grains & beans, the quality fats & oils, and the veggies. But that can sound like a lot of work after a long day. Here are a few tips that actually make foods the star to your winter rescue! These 3 tips conserve your energy and time, and nourish you along the way!

Tip 1 – ROAST
Use the oven to roast! You can practically roast anything! It boosts the flavor of foods, adds to the warmth of the house on a cold day or night, and is relaxing to do! For example, cut up a variety of root veggies (e.g. potatoes, beets, carrots, onions, turnips, artichoke, yams…, ) coat with olive oil, salt and pepper (and other seasonings, if you like,) put in the oven at 350 degrees, and then relax! In this same fashion, you can roast nuts, meats, squashes, broccoli and cauliflower, and whatever else you want to experiment with. (Check this one out, and add your own favorites!) You can make an entire meal in the oven, or use it to accompany something else on the grill or stove. Enjoy the roasting flavors, warmth and variety!

Plan and pre-prep some of your favorite items, and change it up weekly. For example, some of the veggies you roast; brown rice; a pre-mixed spice blend; some ground meat that has been seasoned and cooked. Pre-washed and cut veggies, ready to go, can be added to any meal, soup, or side. Minced ginger and garlic waiting in the freezer. The list goes on. The point: having some ingredients ready to be immediately plunged into a pot or onto the skillet makes it that much quicker and easier to get a quality hot meal onto your waiting plate. You will be delighted how surprisingly quick and easy a good homemade meal can actually be!

When the quality of food is fresh and good, then let that speak for itself with the flavor it gives! Enjoy this fact, and tone your cooking basics, by making a meal of 5 ingredients or less. This forces you to simplify – choose just 5 ingredients (salt and pepper not included). You may find this gives you permission to be with the moment, nourish yourself, learn and enjoy. Here are a few combinations that can be delightful:

Saute: Bell Pepper, Onion, Rosemary, and Sausage. Serve with sweet potatoes.
Salad of: Tuna, parsley, romaine, white beans, vinegar.
Saute: Chicken, lemon, capers, white wine. Serve with brown rice.
Soup: Charred tomatoes and garlic. Mix with basil and cream. Top with croutons.
Grill: Pork chop with shredded Bussels sprouts, garlic and butter with lemon juice. Serve with quinoa.

HERE’S SOME OF OUR FAVORITE WINTER COMFORT RECIPES (that will nourish and satisfy body & soul):

Easy Roasted Chicken with Gremolata

Roasted Butternut Squash with Sage

Roasted Fish with Roasted Seasonal Vegetables & Roasted Garlic Aioli

Tuscan White Bean Soup with Smoked Ham

Pear, Chocolate & Hazelnut Crisp


Slow down. Smell. Taste. Enjoy. Savor. Let these 3 tips guide you through a winter of relaxation and nourishment. Keep us posted on what foods you like to roast, or combinations of fresh ingredients you enjoy best!

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