Homemade Method

Yoga? Yes, you can!

Winter has a way of limiting outdoor activities for many. The good news is that yoga is a whole body experience that can be done in a warm studio, or in the warmth of your own home. It’s also a perfect way to harmonize the balancing act going on within your body naturally during this cold season. Yoga can help you feel energetic, positive, peaceful, balanced, and confident! While it helps relax your mind and body, it also keeps you both physically and mentally fit. Not surprisingly, yoga is recommended by many doctors as a part of the recovery and treatment process for many diseases including arthritis and diabetes.

The best news yet: you can start today! From the relaxing and gentle Restorative Yoga, to the meditative breath work of Kundalini Yoga, to the more energetic balancing and strengthening work of Vinyasa – there are levels and paces to fit every body. Check out a class at that yoga studio you regularly pass in your daily routine. Try a few different types of classes and/ instructors. If you’re familiar with coming to our Homemade Classes, then you may find a yoga class to your liking at the same Arrillaga Recreation Center! Or stay at home and explore youtube! Like this one! Truly, you have nothing to lose – well, except those tense shoulders, and some tightness in breath, and oh, maybe some general angst… So give it a try and let us know how you felt afterwards!

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