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Beat the clock… How to sneak in 20 minutes of exercise every day!

It’s time to reveal how to increase exercise, even if you have no time, and are doing “no exercise” at all! The trick – move more! That’s it! It doesn’t have to be a continuous 30-60 minutes of a certain type of movement, just move more, adding small increments during the day. While many may not call it “exercise,” it certainly all contributes to increasing your lean muscle mass, improving cardiovascular fitness (if you get a little short of breath), and your body’s overall well-being!

Here are a few ideas to help inspire what YOU can add to YOUR day:

• Make your dates and catch-ups with friends, active dates: enjoy a trail walk, try indoor rock climbing, go on a bike ride.

• Play more with your young children or pets! They never stop moving and you get quality time together.

• Decide to park at the far end of the parking lot when you’re out doing errands.

• Walk with your family to school, or to the store, or to have some family time.

• Use the stairs in the office building every time you need to use the restroom.

• Set an hourly timer that alerts you to stretch your arms around, twist a little, walk around for a couple of minutes every hour – it adds up!

• When you need to talk with your co-worker, family, friend, or make a call… do it on a walk.

• Ride to the shops to do the groceries or ride to work.

• Try 10 squats or angular push-ups in the bathroom stall each time you use the restroom. Or 10 sit-ups each morning before you get out of bed.

• When you’re standing in line, see if you can tighten your stomach, lift one heel, and casually balance on one leg. Then shift to the other leg. (No drastic pose necessary!)

• Start with a few easy stretches before rolling out of bed! For example, pulling one knee to the chest while stretching out the extended leg. Or while lying on your side, allow the upper arm to stretch back. A great reason to stay in bed a little longer, and gets you ready for your day!

• Or, how about a deep breath in, and a slow exhale? Yes, even this helps a lot. (Even forcing a few yawns can help!)

So, without further ado, go ahead, practice something now… like, stretch those arms up, breath, relax. If you actually did this, you can see how easy it is to gradually add more movement to your day! You may find that once you start moving more, you may appreciate the improved clarity, or the stress release, or even pain reduction that movement can provide! Start small. Start with something that brings joy. Just start!

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