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The Homemade Cooking Community is offering a few special events in the next couple weeks that will take you on a joy ride that offers great satisfaction! Are you bored by cooking alone and wish to spice things up a bit? Well folks, this event might be just what you need. Come join us, with many new friends, on an adventure of cooking with fresh flavors and good laughs. Meet new people, learn new dishes and discover a fresh approach to achieve optimum health and weight. Everybody and anybody is welcome to join one of these intro classes.

Test out this fun and new tasty way to bring health to your 2015 – social cooking that stocks your week with meals you taste and choose!

We will introduce you to a program that guarantees fun and adventure. Participants gather, cook a few new recipes, enjoy a 3-course tasting meal. Then, best yet, you can choose which dishes you want to purchase to enjoy or share later.

We want you to smile, be happy and healthy! And enjoy some tasty fresh homemade food. Oh, and become a confident healthy cook, of course!

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