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Homemade Member Spotlight: Prashee

Every month, we turn to the Homemade community and ask our members to share their favorite recipe and kitchen tip they learned from our Homemade cooking program.

Check out which recipes Prashee thinks are ‘divine’, ‘phenomenal’ and ‘fantastic’!

What’s your favorite Homemade recipe?

It’s hard to pick one favorite recipe!  I loved the smoothies – I made them all at home.  l especially love the one with cinnamon and chocolate chips in it! It brings out a brand new taste for me, and I loved it.

The cashew cream was divine.  It’s the best dessert a person could have!

And the bean soup with basil oil topper – it’s phenomenal.  It’s hearty and healthy, and the fresh basil oil on top made it so flavorful.

What’s the best thing you learned in class?

How to make energy bars.  It’s amazing that 4-5 ingredients can make such an amazing snack.    It makes a great gift too!

I even created my own energy bar.  I used the same concept from class, but with different ingredients.  I used some peanut powder with dates and figs, almonds and vanilla.  It was very good.

What advice do you have for people who are learning to cook?

Come to the class and don’t miss it!  If you come to the class, that brings motivation in itself.  It’s a great way to know how easy cooking can be.  The classes are educational, and flavor-wise it’s fantastic!

What do you like about Homemade?

The cooking!  The time was fun and full of laughter.  Talking while cooking is such a healing process.  I really enjoyed it.

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