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Summer Veggies Are Here.

Try this quick and simple method to boost your veggie flavors. It’s an easy and fast technique you can use for asparagus and any vegetable!

Summer is here, along with amazingly sweet veggies, like sweet peas, asparagus, carrots, and young spring greens of all types. One quick and easy cooking technique to heat these treats and compliment any dish is called ETOUVE. It’s a current favorite with the Homemade crew.

Etuvee – it’s so simple!

Along with your fresh veggies, all you need is a skillet and stove, olive oil or butter, water, and salt. It only takes 7 -13 minutes from start to finish.

Why it’s a tasty technique
The heat and steam from the hot water will release the veggie’s essence. In this process, however, the flavors actually become concentrated and enhanced. In the end, the light sauce that hugs the veggie is the most flavorful version of what is possible!

Why it’s also nutritious
Even with summer, many find that a balance of cooked and raw fruits and veggies makes a difference with health and digestion. While it’s true that some nutrients are released into the water when a vegetable is boiled or steamed, with etuvee, we add the released nutrients back to the dish! You’ll get the benefits of easy-to-digest, big flavor, and a burst of all the nutrients!

How it’s done:
Basic Directions for the Etuvee Method:
(for 2 servings of fresh crunchy spring vegetables)

• Heat up a pan on medium-high.
• Put in olive oil/butter (about 1 Tbl)
• Put in one layer of veggies, no more.
• Heat and toss.
• Add water to cover the bottom of the pan (about ¼ cup).
• Sprinkle with salt (about ¼ tsp).
• Toss and stir.
• Allow water to cook all the way down, leaving a thick flavor-filled sauce.
• Slide veggies out, top with all the flavorful sauce.

Some good veggies and combinations for this method:
• Asparagus
• Green beans
• Broccoli
• Sweet peas and spring onions
• Carrots and fennel root
• Summer squash and basil
• ADDITIONS: fresh shallots, fresh herbs, or parmesan cheese as a topper.

If you’d like a recipe for starters, try this one: Asparagus Etuvee.

Meanwhile, try out this method with any fresh vegetable that comes your way. If you love it, send us a picture! We’d love to showcase the delicious veggies being cooked locally!

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