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How to make your New Year’s Resolutions STICK!

New Year brings joy and optimism to our lives, giving us hope to change and improve. While setting clearly defined goals can help provide a framework for smarter choices, it’s the common case that most New Years Resolutions fall away within a month or two!

To reinforce your New Year optimism with a few strong foundations for success, see if your resolutions pass these three important aspects to help sustain a successful goal throughout the year, and gradually into the fabric of your life.

Does your goal involve Small Changes? (Which can grow, step by step!) Begin with baby steps. For example, the mega-goal of “I will meditate for an hour every morning and night,” to “I will meditate for 5 minutes every am and pm, and increase it by 5 minutes every week….” One seems menacing to take on, and the other invites, or even taunts, you do to it – easily! When you increase a natural pace gradually, you also get rewarded by experiencing your success!

Does your goal involve something you Like To Do? Something you want to do? If not, you could be in trouble. If you’re just aiming at the long term result, the destination, and forgetting about the journey…. this goal could falter along the way. Try to find something you enjoy, that can be easily incorporated into your small steps. For instance, using the example above, add “I will meditate on my favorite chair in my favorite location, beside my favorite cup of tea that awaits for me” will make it something you actually look forward to. Add your joy! Wherever you can! It can make all the difference!

Last but not least: be around Positive People, and incorporate this into your goal. Connect with people who share in the art of doing what you’re aiming to do; keep the inspiration alive! Share your progress. Include some accountability. Intrinsically adding positive people to how you progress through your goal, allows you to adapt it to your changing needs, as you gradually increase your steps! If you let it, the company you keep can boost your confidence, enhance your motivation, and foster your own positive results!

If your New Year Resolution passes these 3 criteria, you’re bound for success! If not, you may want to rephrase or reframe your original resolution into something that fits the above 3 criteria. Then, before you realize it, you’ll be cruising along in your new life, interweaving new changes, enjoying the journey, and making your goal an integral part of your life!

Try this! If your New Year Resolution involves health through foods and eating, consider what we are offering right now at Homemade. Our philosophy is actually founded on our innate capacity to gradually incorporate healthy habits into one’s daily life!
We offer a program to give you the support, inspiration and guidance to gradually incorporate and learn new skills and habits, whether your goal is to become a health whiz in the kitchen or master your cravings and shed a few pounds. There is no dieting, calorie counting, guilt or deprivation! Instead, we focus on empowering our members by showing them the joy of cooking and tasting real foods in a community.
While many of our members tell us that they join for healthy cooking skills or to improve their health and lose weight, most tell us that the best part of their experience was the fun, social and supportive community they now feel a part of! We love our members and they love us! Check out our current offerings!

If you act soon you can meet us in person for a Demo Day, and see for yourself the boost that your New Years Resolutions can get from the support, joy and fun of our Social Cooking Community! More information here.

Here’s to a joyful year, as you easily interweave your New Year’s Resolution into your life!

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