Homemade Method

  • Beat the clock… How to sneak in 20 minutes of exercise every day!

    October 4, 2014homemademethod

    It’s time to reveal how to increase exercise, even if you have no time, and are doing “no exercise” at all! The trick – move more! That’s it! It doesn’t have to be a continuous 30-60 minutes of a certain type of movement, just move more, adding small increments during the day. While many may…

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  • What’s The Fuss About Fiber?

    October 3, 2014homemademethod

    For the past few years, the diet industry has warned us to steer clear of carbohydrates and now gluten.  These fads are dangerous because they do not take account of individuals’ needs and can lead to deficiencies in certain important nutrients.  Chief amongst these is fiber, which is commonly found in many of the grains…

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  • Stocking Your Kitchen With Healthy Basics For Anytime Cook-Ups!

    October 1, 2014homemademethod

    In our last issue, we shared one of the best tips about shopping in a grocery market – stick to the real food around the perimeter!  Now we share how to use the center aisles to best support your health and weight loss! The secret is… find the basic whole foods that will best prepare…

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  • Cook:Health Benefits of Grilling

    August 1, 2014homemademethod

    Summer grilling can be a fun way to cook a quick and healthy meal in a social environment.  Lean cuts of meat, vegetables and even fruit can be thrown on the grill to boost flavor, and add some variety to your diet.  Also, grilling food can help cut the calories, as very little added fat…

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  • Nutrition: Strawberries!

    July 15, 2014homemademethod

    It’s summertime, and strawberry season is in full swing!  Strawberries contain high amounts of antioxidants, which are the key to protecting your cells from the damage of toxins, and sun exposure!.  They also are an excellent source of vitamins C and K, dietary fiber, and flavonoids.  Strawberries can increase your body’s metabolism and protect against…

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  • Health and Weight Loss: How to Shop Like a Health Pro

    July 1, 2014homemademethod

    One of the most common inquiries we receive is how to manage a successful trip to the grocery store for optimum health and sustainable weight loss.  In other words, how to avoid the pitfalls, temptations, and plain confusion of the modern day supermarket.   It’s easy to over-shop, and get caught up in some of the…

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